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with my wife

Khanh N. Huynh, MD

  •  Internal Medicine Hospitalist at Southwest Washington Medical Center and Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital.
        • Physician at The Vancouver Clinic, WA
        • Member (past and present):
        •      Oil Painters of America
        •      Portrait Society of America
        •      Oregon Society of Artists
        •      Vietnamese Artists Society
          •      Society of Washington Artists
        • CONTACT:
        • Email:  budahuynh@gmail.com
        • Cell:      (971)-998-5536 (TEXT only please)
        • FaceBook:  Khanh N. Huynh
        • Instagram: @studiobuda

As a young child, like any other kids, I spent a considerable amount of time tracing comic books. However, I never thought that I want to be an artist.

After finishing college, I started medical school at the University of Kansas, School of Medicine. First year of medical school was quite tough and I soon spiraled down to a path of depression like thousands of other doctor wannabes. One night, to escape the horrendous smell of our cadaver lab, I took a stroll along a pedestrian mall in Kansas City, MO.  I stumbled on a couple of art galleries and soon realized that I could not afford any piece of art with a medical student’s borrowed income.  I don’t know exactly what went to my head at the time.  It could have been the hidden artist in me all along or just simply the reaction from chloroform withdrawal, I went to a local art supply store and bought a canvas, few tubes of paint, and a small brush. Since then, I’ve started to paint and never stop.

Due to the time constraints of a medical student, a resident, and now a full-time physician, I have never taken any art class, received any art instruction, attended any workshop, or being trained by anyone. Most of the techniques that I now use in my paintings are slowly discovered and refined after a long period of trials and errors. I’ve learned along the way and enjoyed every struggle of the painting process.

I now live and work full time as a physician and an artist in the Pacific Northwest, Portland-Vancouver area with my beautiful wife and two adorable sons (Buda and Dalai)